Canscan Inc on "Partner stories" by ZEBOX

Marc Bourdon of CMA CGM talks about the technology partnership with Canscan Inc.

July 21st 2021

ZEBOX, a startup incubator and accelerator (founded on the initiative of Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of CMA CGM), has recently featured Canscan Tech in a video interview for their series “Partner Stories”. Marc Bourdon, the senior VP of Commercial & Agency Network at CMA CGM , talks about how ZEBOX has been an essential tool in innovation, and how the accelerator has been instrumental in connecting CMA CGM with startups across the globe, particularly highlighting Canscan and its contribution to CMA CGM’s business.

Since 2020, Canscan has been a part of ZEBOX’s accelerator program, and it was through this program that we were introduced to CMA CGM, a world leader in shipping and logistics. ZEBOX focuses on two industry sectors: transport, logistics and mobility and Industry 4.0, and selects projects with high growth potential start ups who base
their solutions on Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain and augmented reality. With our machine driven AI solution,
we have been assisting CMA CGM fast track a process that helps them identify issues on containers, to automate
and categorize costs, as well as to automate repair cost estimates.

We are a proud partner of CMA CGM and , and we thank ZEBOX for their efforts in facilitating this partnership
between our two companies.